Find and swap what you want

With SwappyVerse you can publish your items quickly and easily with your smartphone and get rid of things you no longer need in exchange for items you want.
Do you have a mobile phone and want to swap it for a camera? A TV for a computer or notebook? Would you like to own the latest fashion items by exchanging them frequently without spending money?
With SwappyVerse you can do it. For free.

How SwappyVerse works?

1. Swap your items quickly, safely and for free, without using money

2. Choose which types of items to trade them with (for example Cars, Smartphones and Tablets, Luxury …)

3. Find products near you and activate notifications to know in real time when they are available.

Join the fight against waste.

Did you know that...

…the tech industry will be responsible of the 14% of total greenhouse gases within 2040?

…70% of the carbon dioxide released in the world comes from the fashion sector?

…if smartphones lasted 365 days longer, the annual CO2 savings would be equivalent to eliminating all Danish cars?