Community Rules

SwappyVerse is a community of individuals who believe in the value of bartering or, if you prefer, swapping. Ethical exchange, where the value of a product is not solely its economic worth (which it still retains) but its ethical value, associated with its utility and necessity. To ensure the continued growth of our community, it’s necessary that all individuals are treated with respect. For this reason, there are certain unauthorized behaviors that we’d like to outline.

Unauthorized Behaviors

When communicating with other individuals through SwappyVerse’s chat, it’s prohibited to:

  1. Insult.
  2. Harass or threaten.
  3. Make references that can hurt the feelings of others; racism or homophobia, for instance, are entirely unacceptable.
  4. Make sexual comments or allusions.

Please be reminded that your username and profile picture must adhere to the rules set by SwappyVerse. For example, it’s not possible to use the name “SwappyVerse,” the SwappyVerse brand logo, or even a phone number as your username. In these cases, they will be replaced with a default username and profile picture.

Failure to adhere to our guidelines may result in the deactivation of your account. If you disagree with any of the resolutions taken, please contact us using the button provided below so we can review your case.

To learn more about content that is not allowed on SwappyVerse, we recommend reviewing the article: “Prohibited Items on SwappyVerse.

Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

Your assistance greatly helps us and the SwappyVerse community. If you come across or experience any of the above-mentioned behaviors, you can either block the user directly or report the issue to us using the “Report Listing” function found on each posted item. Our team will assess each case, and if necessary, take corresponding actions.

To learn more about how to report illegal behavior, please refer to the pages: “How to Report a Listing” and “How to Block a User.”