Advantages of Premium Users

Advantages of Premium Users:

  • Exclusive Access: Premium users enjoy exclusive access to the ‘Luxury’ and ‘Services’ categories, opening up a world of high-end goods and valuable services for trade.
  • Greater Visibility: Your premium listings are given higher visibility, increasing the chances of your items or services being noticed by other users.
  • Extended Value Range: Premium users can assign a wider range of values to their items or services, allowing for more flexibility in negotiations.
  • Efficient Swapping: With premium status, you can participate in the SwappyVerse community with even more efficiency, making the most of the platform’s offerings.
  • Luxury Brand Trading: Get access to exclusive brand items in the ‘Luxury’ category, facilitating the exchange of high-end products.
  • Service Swapping: If you offer services, Premium status allows you to trade these services for other valuable offerings.
  • Supporting Sustainable Practices: By joining as a Premium user, you support and encourage the sustainable and eco-friendly principles that SwappyVerse is built upon.

Enjoy all these advantages as a SwappyVerse Premium user!

Becoming a premium user activates the categories: Luxury Brands and Services.

The premium version of SwappyVerse allows you to activate some exclusive options, like ‘Luxury Brands’ and ‘Services,’ at a cost of 2.99 euros per month (VAT included). The Premium service of SwappyVerse is available in all countries.


As a premium user, you unlock the Luxury Brands category, an exclusive section of SwappyVerse where you can find only used luxury clothing and accessories from the most exclusive and trendy fashion brands. You can post your luxury item and try to exchange it for something equally desirable and stylish. You can publish and choose from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, D&G, Obey, Balenciaga, Palace, and many more.


Also included with premium user activation, you can offer your work, your skills. Do you provide small services, accompany someone on errands, or offer an hour of legal consultation as a lawyer? With premium user activation, you unlock the Services category, and you can post your service (offer your expertise) and exchange it for another service or even just the item you desire from another person.

Go premium and support the circular economy! You can try the premium feature for 3 months for free (starting from the activation date). After the 3-month trial, the service lasts for 1 month, and you can cancel the subscription at any time without commitments. At the end of the 3-month trial, the renewal is automatic at a cost of 2.99€ per month (VAT included), and you can cancel at any time (in the SwappyVerse app, check your profile under ‘My Data’ for the renewal date).

To cancel the subscription at any time:

In the app, go to ‘My Data,’ and at the top, you’ll see ‘Premium active until the renewal date set by your subscription. Click ‘Disable automatic renewal.’ If you decide to renew the subscription again after deactivating automatic renewal, you will need to activate the premium service again at the end of the subscription service period specified.